Wallmounted FANS


Axial-flow fans wall versions : One kind of fan from our range is axial-flow fans wall versions. Ventur axial-flow fans wall versions are supplied in several models and some are very compact, the operation is safe, and they are easy to mount, clean and supply. Our AFW fans are used for general ventilation of commercial and industrial premises, warehouses, storage facilities, garages, public utility buildings, and more. Our other axial-flow fans wall version are used in cooling and air-conditioning systems, drying systems and for transporting large volumes of air at low pressure and a low noise level. Specific models we recommend in particular for use in agriculture and horticulture such as farms, drying facilities, greenhouses as well as in industry such as manufacturing plants, large shops, and more. Ventur also offer a plate mounted axial-flow fan with compact design created by the combination of the motor with the factory matched direct drive wrap around impeller hub. To our axial-flow fans wall version we can supply back draft shutters manufactured totally from UV stabilized plastic or with steel frame and aluminium shutter blades. : Axial-flow fans wall versions

Wallmounted fans